dogwalk is thrilled to announce a new partnership with GreenToGo, the East Coast’s first reusable takeout container service, born right here in Durham. We're gonna pick up and return your GreenToGo boxes for you! It's so easy to be green!

So… wait, what is GreenToGo?
photo of food in GTG containers GreenToGo is a subscription program that makes it possible to checkout reusable takeout containers from participating restaurants instead of accepting conventional styrofoam or otherwise single-use disposable containers. Subscribers can “checkout” boxes just like a library book or redbox DVD. Enjoy your food completely trash-free on the go, and then return the container to any of the participating restaurants or public drop sites, check it back in, and you’re ready to do it all again!

But… what’s that have to do with dogwalk?
first off, in full disclosure, my lovely lady-friend, Amy, is a co-founder of GreenToGo, so it’s pretty close to our family’s heart. secondly, dogwalk cares a great deal about our environmental impacts and we’d love to see all of our loyal clients using GreenToGo! So, we’re going to make it even easier for you to use GreenToGo by offering collection services at your home in coordination with your dogwalk services!

Here’s how:

  1. Become a GreenToGo member if you’re not already! Do that here: - and to sweeten the pot, use our coupon code DOGWALK18 to take $10 off if you choose a 3 or 4 box subscription (that’s how many containers you can check out at once)!
  2. Enjoy takeout from any of the participating restaurants (there are 24 now, and they add 2-3 more every month!) don’t forget to order your food “GreenToGo”
  3. Instead of going to a return station to check in your containers (which of course, you could still do), check in your containers remotely using this link: (you'll be prompted to log in to your account and select how many boxes you're returning).
  4. I’ll get a message indicating your containers are ready, and your dogwalker will pick it up on your next scheduled walk. Your GreenToGo account will be cleared immediately and you’ll be able to check out another container as needed.
  5. What if you don’t have a dogwalk scheduled in the near future? No biggie - leave your container(s) outside your front door after you do the mobile checkin, and I’ll pick it up within 72 hours as it fits in with my other routes. You’ll have 2 of these “off cycle” pickups available to you each month.

Got questions? Bring 'em! I'll answer anything I can about the program, and if I don't know the answer, I know who does! :)

silly photo of smiling DogWalkTalk staff holding GTG boxes on their heads.
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