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WELCOME to dogwalkshops!

After years of watching your bananas go brown on your counter tops while we care for your pets, we’re finally ready to do something about it! dogwalkShops is a service offered by popular demand, helping to restock your fridge and pantry just in time for you to arrive home from vacation.

Actually, you don’t have to be on vacation to use this service! We’ll shop for you any time!

It’s really quite simple:

  1. Place your order using our online form by noon the day before you want your groceries delivered. the more details you provide in the notes section of each item, the better (green bananas or spotted? full-fat or non-fat yogurt?)!
  2. Come home to find the items you ordered (or close substitutions if you’ve approved this option) in your refrigerator and pantry.
  3. Get a bill for the groceries + service fees with your regular monthly dogwalk invoice.


$20 flat rate for the first store (up to 30 minutes of shopping time)
$10 each for additional stores and 30 minute shopping segments
+ the cost of your groceries (receipt provided electronically unless paper is requested)

Example: If you order from 2 stores, the cost will be $20 for the first store + $10 for the additional store. If the total shopping time is 30 minutes or less, no additional shopping time is charged, so you will be invoiced for the price of your groceries + $30).

  • Contact: Beth Bakke, Owner
  • 919.697.6048
  • dogwalktalk@gmail.com
  • All content and photographs copyright dogwalk, 2015—2020